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We make possible
the everyday luxury of a
Made in Italy bag

The story of a dream, a family, a business

RIPANI was founded in 1967 thanks to the entrepreneurship of founder Aldo Ripani, who guided the company through three decades of success in Italy and abroad.

Since the 1990s, the company has been run with passion by the second generation: Carla, Gabriella and Giorgio Ripani have expanded the international reach, ensuring Ripani's further development. Today, the third generation contributes more and more to the company's progress.

Ripani proudly maintains its operational and production headquarters in Tortoreto, in the heart of the leather goods district that develops in the Vibrata Valley.

Ripani's authentic Made in Italy is embodied in the responsible choice of Leather, the recycled material par excellence as a by-product of the food chain. The leathers selected by Ripani are made in Italy by certified and guaranteed suppliers, in compliance with the most stringent European and international regulations. Even the accessories used (buckles, studs, etc.) are entirely hypoallergenic and obtained through eco-sustainable processes.
Authentically Made in Italy bags
Authentically Made in Italy bags

Each Ripani bag is the synergic fruit of the creativity of our designers and the expertise of highly skilled workers in the processing of Leather.

ISO 9001 certification guarantees the path of quality followed by Ripani, in which the workers-guardians of the national manufacturing culture-transform Leather into authentically Made in Italy bags ready to accompany every moment of the day.

We are committed to closely monitoring our products even after delivery, providing assistance and the best suggestions for the maintenance and longevity of Ripani creations.

Distribution in Italy and Worldwide

Ripani bags can be found in more than 130 stores throughout Italy and in the Flagship Store in San Benedetto del Tronto. Ripani is present abroad in more than 300 stores thanks to its collaboration with prestigious showrooms, distributors and chain stores around the World. The company also constantly participates in major international trade fairs in Europe and Asia to present new collections to distributors and retailers, with constant growth in international markets.

The company, always attentive to the needs of retailers and end customers, is constantly expanding its digital contact and sales channels, ensuring an increasingly efficient and immersive shopping experience.

Aldo Ripani starts the business by founding a micro-laboratory with 3 collaborators, orienting the entire activity to the quality of its products.
The company expands and moves its headquarter, increasing its recognition and sales globally.
Carla, Gabriella and Giorgio Ripani, together with their families, inaugurate the headquarter in Tortoreto, projecting into the future the everyday luxury of a Made in Italy bag.
New international partners, through distribution agreements in the Middle and Far East, contribute to the further spread of Ripani products.
Constant attention to the environment is further embodied in the installation of a 100kWp photovoltaic system, which has so far avoided the emission of more than 1,000 tons of CO2.
Ripani evolves into a Benefit Society to renew its commitment to people, the environment and the custodianship of Italian manufacturing skills.
In challenging times, Ripani continues to ensure, as it grows, the everyday luxury of a Made in Italy bag, with an eye toward the new opportunities of the digital age.

Società Benefit

To further consolidate our momentum toward the everyday luxury of Made in Italy, Ripani has evolved into a Società Benefit since 2020.

The company sets its own goals each year, documenting its achievements with impact reports.

I nostri impegni quotidiani per la sostenibilità

Self-production of energy through photovoltaic panels
Selection of leathers produced according to international standards
Scrap recovery and recycling collection
In-house production without water consumption
Product durability
Recyclable and recycled packaging

Our Certifications

Since many years, as a further guarantee of the quality of our processes and the bags we produce, Ripani has been an ISO 9001 certified company.

Product care

Each Ripani bag is an everyday luxury item authentically Made in Italy;
its natural leathers and fine fabrics are materials to be worn and used with care.

For best preservation, avoid: contact with liquids, abrasive/sharp surfaces, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight or exposure to rain, as well as heat sources.
At the end of the season, place the bag back in its own fabric bag and store it in a dry place.