General sales terms and conditions

Dear Costumer,
The general sales conditions, shown below, in compliance with the current regulations to customer protection, indicate the conditions and the procedures to buy online on this site. Please read them and accept them in order to purchase the article you wish.


These general sales conditions regulate the sale of products branded RIPANI (hereinafter Products) and promoted by RIPANI ITALIAN LEATHER Srl, (hereinafter the Seller) based inTortoreto (TE), via Nazionale Adriatica 112/b, Tax Code and VAT IT00768000671, through the e-commerce website (hereinafter the Site).

Only individual customers, who have already been 18 years old, are allowed to purchase after the registration on the Site.

These general terms and conditions shall take effect from the day of acceptance of the same by the Customer on the site, which is worth, to all intents and purposes, as an acceptance pursuant to art. 1341 of the Civil Code.

The Seller reserves the right to modify at any time and at her discretion, the general sales conditions, by putting them on the Site. Each purchase is regulated by the general sales conditions in the version that will be published on the Site at the time of the order transmission by the Customer.


The products presentation on the Site, not binding for the Seller, represents a mere invitation to the Customer to make a purchase contract proposal and not a public offer.

The purchase order sent by the Customer to the Seller through the Site, has the value of a contract proposal and it’s regulated by these general sales conditions, which the Customer accepts entirely and without any reservation at the time of the order transmission.

The Customer purchase order is accepted by the Seller by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address stated by the Customer during the registration on the Site.

Each products purchase contract is closed when the Customer receives via mail the confirmation order by the Seller.


The specified prices include the VAT and any other indirect taxes (if they’re applicable), the cost of standard packaging and exclude the shipping costs.

If the products are to be delivered in an extra European country, the total price indicated in the order is net of any customs duties and any other sales tax, which the Customer hereby agrees to pay, if they’re due, in addition to the price indicated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, as required by the laws of the country where the products will be delivered. The customer is asked to inquire with the authorities of his/her residence or products destination country, in order to obtain information on any duties or taxes applied in his/her residence or products destination country.

Any possible further costs, charges and/or taxes that a certain country might apply in respect of each individual Products ordered under the general sales conditions, are the sole Customer responsibility.

The Customer declares that the lack of knowledge of costs, fees and/or taxes when an order is sent to the Seller, shall not be cause for termination of this contract and shall not, in any way, charge these burdens to the Seller.

For any further information or to receive any support, the Customer can contact the Seller to the e-mail address

The Customer expressly agrees that the execution of the Contract by the Seller, will start only after the successful payment receipt of the purchased Product/s.

In case of an order cancellation both by the Customer and in case of non-acceptance of the same order by Ripani Italian Leather Srl, the cancellation of the same order and the release of the committed amount (the release times depend exclusively on the banking system) will be fulfilled. Once the transaction cancellation is fulfilled, Ripani Italian Leather Srl cannot be held responsible for any damages, resulting from the release of the committed amount by the banking system.

Ripani Italian Leather Srl reserves the right to ask to the Customer additional documents proving the ownership of the credit card. In case of lack of the documentation which has been sent, Ripani reserves the right to refuse the order. For any further information or to receive any support, the Customer can contact the company at the email address


The Site indicates the products availability and the delivery of the same, however, this information is to be considered purely indicative and not binding for the Seller.

The Seller commits herself to do everything in her power to respect the delivery times indicated on the Site. In case of failure of the order execution by the Seller, due to the temporary product unavailability, the Seller will provide written notice to the Consumer and shall refund any amounts already paid by the Customer.

The shipping of Products ordered by the Customer, will be done in the way selected by the same Customer, that can be chosen between those available and indicated on the Site at the time of the order.

For very placed order, the Seller emits a sale document of the material which is sent. For the invoice issuance, are to be attested the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order. The Customer can request an invoice or receipt copy within the period of three months from the emission.

The delivery costs are excluded from the final products price.

At the time of delivery, the Customer is required to check:

- That the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or altered in any way;

- That the packages number is the one specified in the transportation document

Any damages to the product or the packaging or the indications mismatch, must immediately be reported to the courier by putting the WRITTEN SUBJECT TO INSPECTION on the proof of the courier delivery. Once the courier signs the document, the Customer couldn’t make any objections about the external features of the already delivered goods.

Any damages to the product or the packaging or the indications mismatch, must immediately be reported to the courier by putting the WRITTEN SUBJECT TO INSPECTION on the proof of the courier delivery. Once the courier signs the document, the Customer couldn’t make any objections about the external features of the already delivered goods.


Pursuant to and for the purposes of the European Directive 44/99/CE and the Italian Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 (the Consumer Code), the Seller guarantees the Customer that the Products will be free of faults and in compliance to the descriptions published on the Site for a two years period from the delivery date of the products to the Customer. It’s excluded the application of any guarantee in case of product use or wash, which is not compliant to the one of the Product and to the instructions/warnings about it provided by the Seller, that is given in the referring explanatory documentation, in tags or label.

As forfeiture penalty of this warranty, the Customer has the right to report any further faults and non-compliances to the Seller within fourteen days after the discovery, by sending notice to the Seller by e-mail at, with the fault and/or the identified non-compliances indication and the related documentation (at least one Product photo, the order confirmation sent by the Seller and the receipt).

Once received the request and the related documentation, the Seller will evaluate the faults and the non-compliances reported by the Customer and, after quality controls designed to verify the effective non-compliance of the Product, she will decide whether to allow the Product return, by providing the Customer the related instructions by e-mail to the address provided by him/her at the moment of the registration on the Site. The products of which the Seller has authorized the return, should be returned by the Customer, together with a copy of the authorization notice, which must be returned within thirty days from the faults and non-compliances notification to the following address: RIPANI ITALIAN LEATHER Srl Via Nazionale Adriatica 112/b 64019, Tortoreto (TE).

If the Seller is obliged to refund the Customer the paid price, the refund will be made, where possible, by the same payment means used by the Customer when purchasing the Product or by bank transfer. It will be the Customer’s responsibility to communicate the Seller the bank details to make the transfer in his/her favour, when applying for return or via e-mail to, and to ensure that the Seller is put in a position to return the due amount.


Pursuant to and within the limits of Art. 64 of the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, the Customer can exercise the right of withdrawal, consisting of the right to return the received products and to get the refunded money, within 10 working days from receiving the purchased products.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer should contact Ripani Italian Leather Srl at the number:+39 0861 788128.

After that, the Customer should send a registered letter with a return receipt to the following address:

RIPANI ITALIAN LEATHER Srl Via Nazionale Adriatica 112/b 64019, Tortoreto (TE).

The Customer might also anticipate the communication via email at:

Once received it, the Seller will notify the terms and the return number to the Customer.

The Customer will have to perform at his/her own expenses the shipping at the agreed address, without undue delays, and in any case, within ten days from the day the Customer announced the withdrawal.

The Product must be returned undamaged in the original packaging. In case of a transport damage occurred during the return of the Product, Ripani Italian Leather Srl will notify it to the Customer within five working days from the products receiving, allowing him/her to sue the courier used for the transportation. The damaged goods will be available for the returning of goods and the withdrawal request will be simultaneously canceled.

The Customer is responsible for the diminished value of goods resulting from an handling, which is different from the one necessary to establish the nature, features and functioning of goods. Therefore, if the returned goods are damaged (usury, abrasions, scratching signs, deformations, etc.), not complete with all their elements and accessories (included intact labels and tags attached to the product), unaccompanied by original packaging and a guarantee certificate, where it is present, the Customer will respond to the good asset value decrease and he/she will have the right to the reimbursement of the amount equal to the residual value of the Product. To this end, the Customer is asked not to manipulate the good beyond what is strictly necessary to establish the nature, features and functioning of the same and to cover the Products original wrapping with additional protective packaging that preserves the integrity of it and that protect it during the transportation even from writings or labels.

Ripani Italian Leather Srl will refund, within 30 days but not before receiving the goods, the asset full amount or the one remaining, due in case of any repair costs, by transfer to the credit card. The withdrawal right is totally lost if the products are returned damaged (for reason other than transportation), that is with missing parts and components.


The Seller provides to fulfill orders within 5 working days after the order confirmation, by carrying the ordered Products shipping with express courier. The delivery times are 4-5 working days within the EU and about 10 days for extra UE deliveries and they vary according to the geographical area where the delivery must be made. The Seller will send the Customer a link to a shipping number to check on line the shipment route.

The transportation cost varies depending on the weight and volume of the total shipment. Our advice is to group the items you want to purchase in a single order. The Seller will provide to ship them within a suitable package to protect the items during transportation, and she will provide to use boxes of a such size to minimize the transportation cost for the Customer.


The Legislative Decree 30/05/2003 n.196 about the protection of personal data.

It informs you, pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003:

1) The above Decree foresees a series of obligations on those fulfilling “treatments” (that is collection, storage, processing, registration, communication, distribution) of personal data referred to other subjects , by prescribing the duty to inform interested people about the rights the law recognizes them and about the features of data processing;

2) The processing of your personal data which will be requested and communicated, will be held in Ripani Italian Leather Srl headquarters, by respecting the necessity and relevance principles with the use of computerized procedures, for legal and fiscal obligations and for the fulfillment of contractual obligations;

3) The company Ripani Italian Leather Srl is the data controller. The person responsible for data processing is domiciled for the purposes of law in the company’s headquarter. During such treatments, the holder and the ones who are in charge may become aware of data that will be processed in accordance with obligations deriving from privacy policies and according to fairness principles;

4) The treatment will take place with manual and automatic devices, which can store, manage and transmit data, with logics strictly related to the processing purposes, based on data we have and with Your commitment to immediately communicate any corrections, integrations and/or updates;

5) Data provided to the one who writes, will be used only for the law requirements, excluding communications and diffusions fulfilled in compliance with legal and contractual obligations;

6) The provision nature is strictly necessary regarding the purposes of the processing mentioned above. The provision you make of this data is necessary for the exact fulfillment of the activities listed below;

7) The possible refusal makes it impossible to properly fulfill contractual and legal obligations, by jeopardizing the prosecution of the relationship established between the parties;

8) At any time you could exercise Your rights towards the data controller , under the Art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, in particular:

- Knowing if your personal data exist and also knowing their communication in an intelligible form;

- Be informed about the holder, provision purposes and terms and about the possible person who is in charge, about people or classes of people to whom you want communicate your data;

- Obtaining data updating, rectification and integration;

- Obtaining data cancellation, anonymous transformation or blocking;

- Opposing, for legitimate reasons, to data processing, unless the limitations established by law;

- Opposing to the sending of advertising material or for carrying out market or commercial communication researches

The full text of Art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 about the Customer’s rights, is available on the warrantor’s


These general sales conditions and, consequently, the sales contracts closed with the customers, are governed by Italian law and shall be interpreted according to it (including the Legislative Decree n. 6 of 6 September 2005, the “Consumer Code” and, particularly, “Chapter I, Title III of Part III” and the Legislative Decree n. 70 dated 9 April 2003, the “E-commerce Decree”). In any case, the rights possibly granted to Consumers by mandatory provisions of law applicable in the latter ones, will be without prejudice.

Any dispute arising from these General Conditions interpretation, validity and/or execution, shall be assigned to the binding and exclusive competence of the judge of the Court of Teramo.